Anson House Parking

Anson House Parking

Driving Instructions

You may enter Anson House's carpark through Enggor Street. After turning into Enggor street, please drive slowly as the carpark entrance may not be clearly noticeable. After parking, please take the cargo lift to level one. Turn left to the main lobby and exit it. After exiting the main lobby, please turn left and you will see our clinic.

Anson House Parking Rates

Entrance of Anson House carpark
NETS Top-up machine at Anson House carpark
Parking rates for Anson House carpark
Day / Time Rate
Monday to Friday: 6.00AM to 6.00PM $1.65 / half hour or part thereof
Monday to Friday (next day): 6.00PM to 6.00AM $3.25 / entry
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday: 6.00AM to 1.00PM $1.65 / half hour or part thereof
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday (next day): 1.00PM to 6.00AM $3.25 / entry
Grace Period: 10 Minutes

What’s Nice Around Anson House

Alternatively, you may also park at Icon Village or 100 AM where there are groceries and shopping facilities.

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