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Patient undergoing CT scan at clinic with radiologist operating the CT scanner.
Radiologist analyzing the results of the images generated from patient's CT scan.
Patient undergoing CT scan at clinic with radiologist operating the CT scanner.

A CT (Computed Tomography) scan is an advanced medical imaging technique that employs a combination of X-ray equipment and sophisticated computers to produce detailed cross-sectional images or 'slices' of the body. These images allow medical professionals to view and analyze internal structures with great clarity, assisting in the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of various medical conditions. The process is non-invasive and can capture images of soft tissue, blood vessels, and bones.

Contrast vs. Non-Contrast CT Scans

  • Contrast CT: This technique utilizes a special dye injected into the body to enhance visibility, often making it invaluable for detecting and characterizing pathologies like vascular diseases, certain tumors, and inflammation. The procedure might take a bit longer due to the dye's administration and there's a minor risk of allergic reactions or kidney complications in some patients.
  • Non-Contrast CT: Without the use of any dye, this approach relies on the natural differences in tissue density to visualize structures. It's generally quicker and sidesteps the risks associated with contrast agents, making it ideal for assessing bone fractures, lung and chest images, and initial evaluations of some conditions.

Your doctor will be able to discuss with you in detail the ideal type of CT scan for your condition.

Why Use Us?

Female RadiographerOur Chest X-Ray and Ultrasound Scans are done by a female radiographer.

Same Day ReportNeed urgent same day report? We provide these at a cost of $50 before GST.

One Stop Medical CentreWe are a one stop health screening centre with Chest X-Ray, Mammogram, and Ultrasound Scan.

CT Scan Singapore Price

Scan Price*
CT Brain $530.00
CT Temporal Bone $530.00
CT Orbits $530.00
CT Facial Bones $530.00
CT Face $530.00
CT Sinus From $235.00
CT Neck $530.00
CT Thorax From $530.00
CT Abdomen From $530.00
CT Liver (with contrast) $1030.00
CT Pancreas (with contrast) $1030.00
CT Kidneys (with contrast) $1030.00
CT Pelvis $530.00
CT KUB (kidney, ureter and bladder) $350.00
CT Spine From $530.00
*Prices are subject to GST.

These are non-comprehensive price list (without contrast). We provide them so that our patients can use them as a quick cost reference. If you cannot find what you need, or would like to clarify more, please feel free to WhatsApp or call our friendly staff.

How do I prepare for a CT Scan in Singapore?

Depending on the type of scan and your specific condition, you may be asked to fast or abstain from certain medication. Upon confirmation of your CT scan appointment, our staff will advise you on the necessary.

How do I book a CT Scan in Singapore?

Generally, you are required to consult our doctor if you are a walk-in patient without any referrals. There will be a consultation fee of $35 before GST.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A CT Scan in Singapore at ATA Medical starts from $230 to $300, depending on the area. Talk to our friendly staff for more information.
At ATA Medical, a CT scan starts from $230 to $300, while an MRI scan starts from $950.
MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and CT (Computed Tomography) scans are both advanced imaging techniques used to visualize the internal structures of the body, but they serve different purposes and have distinct advantages. MRI uses powerful magnets and radio waves, making it particularly useful for visualizing soft tissues like the brain, spinal cord, and joints without ionizing radiation.

CT scans, on the other hand, use X-rays and are faster and more effective in visualizing bone fractures, lung issues, and certain cancers but involve exposure to ionizing radiation. The choice between the two often depends on the specific clinical scenario, the area of the body being examined, and the type of information a doctor needs.
Yes, a CT (Computed Tomography) scan can detect tumors. In fact, CT scans are frequently used in the diagnosis, staging, and monitoring of many types of tumors throughout the body. The high-resolution cross-sectional images produced by a CT scan allow radiologists and doctors to discern abnormalities, including tumors, within organs, soft tissues, bones, and other structures.

Additionally, when used with contrast agents, CT scans can provide greater detail about blood supply to the tumors, which can be critical for differentiating benign from malignant masses and planning treatment strategies. However, while CT scans can visualize tumors, further tests, such as biopsies, are usually required to definitively diagnose and classify the type and nature of a tumor.

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