Blood Type / Group Test Singapore

Blood Type / Group Test Singapore

Illustration of blood drops represented by the 8 blood types.
Illustration of red blood cells moving in a blood vessel.
Illustration of blood drops represented by the 8 blood types.

A Blood Type / Group test determines an individual's blood classification based on the presence or absence of specific antigens and antibodies. This test categorizes blood into one of the four main groups: A, B, AB, or O, and the Rh factor as either positive (+) or negative (-). Knowing one's blood type is crucial for blood transfusions, organ transplants, and pregnancy management.

Blood Type / Group Test Prices in Singapore

Prices for blood type / group tests in Singapore start from $25.

Important Notice

If you are experiencing medical symptoms such as lethargy, chest pain, or unexplained weight loss, we strongly recommend consulting with our doctors prior to proceeding with these tests. Please be aware that these tests may not provide comprehensive insight into the underlying cause of your symptoms, and the interpretation of results should be contextualised to the individual by our doctors.

Consultation and review of the test results with our doctor will be chargeable at $27.25 (teleconsultation) to $38.15 (clinic consultation).
Test Price*
Blood Group & Rh (ABO) $25.00
*Prices are subject to GST.

How long does a Blood Type / Group Test take?

A blood test at our clinic usually lasts between 30-60 minutes during off-peak periods. Your results will be ready in 3-5 days and sent to you via email.

Where can I do the Blood Type / Group Test in Singapore?

ATA Medical is conveniently located at two different locations:

We can also provide home health screening or blood tests at your location at your convenience. Alternatively, you can consider going for our routine and comprehensive health screening packages. Our Royal ($612) and Jewel ($1299), and Marvel ($2100) package have various blood and ultrasound tests bundled with them.

How do I book a Blood Type / Group Test appointment in Singapore?

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