Full Time Job For Resident Doctor

Full Time Job For Resident Doctor


We are a new start up medical group with focus on corporate health screening and chronic disease management. Our health screening centre is in central Singapore, within the Central Business District. Our team is made up of experienced individuals who are caring yet enthusiastic to contribute in the medical industry.

Job Overview

We are looking for an anchor doctor at our satellite clinic and aim to provide General Practitioner care to residents. There will be a strong focus on health screening and chronic disease management as he/she will be seeing corporate clients from our health screening services.

We will also be expecting walk in patients seeing for acute conditions (e.g URTI, UTI, abdo pain, headaches etc.) and accept common GP procedures.

As the resident doctor in ATA Medical clinic, he/she is expected to provide thorough and personalized health screening to corporate and walk-in clients. He/She must be well versed in the interpretation of the relevant investigations/health screening packages to recommend evidence-based screening for each client that the clinic serves.

Responsibilities and Duties

Resident anchor doctor of single GP clinic
Hours and consequently remuneration for discussion
Equity/profit sharing model for discussion
Be comfortable in primary care conditions, ideally at least 3-5 years of primary care experience
Provide recommendations for personalized health screen packages as well as performing systemic physical examination for medical clearance for occupational requirements
Consults can be in form of physical, telemedicine (video) or phone/email consultations
Perform procedures (venipuncture for blood taking), be comfortable with performing/interpretation of ECGs
Interpretation of the health screening reports- signing off health reports
Follow up care for the common chronic care conditions (e.g essential hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes mellitus and its early-stage complications, hyperthyroidism)
Provide simple acute care management (e.g URTI/UTI/GE) surfaced by patients during the process of health screening
Utilise IT platforms for trending of patient's reports/follow up care
Provide medical training to nurses/ancillary staff in the organisation for appropriate on-site dispatched care


MBBS/MD fully registered with the Singapore Medical Council (SMC)
Post grad qualifications ideal: GDFM, GDOM, MMed(family medicine), MMed (int. medicine), MRCP
At least 3-5 years of local practice either within a local hospital or primary care setting
Willing to utilize IT platforms/IT savvy
Team player, up to date with current guidelines for evolving medical treatment of chronic disease and health screening practices
Willing to teach healthcare providers regarding medical aspects of health screening
Committed to driving/improving the work process of the clinic to better serve our local population
Driven and friendly/approachable

Working Hours

Family-friendly hours with competitive remuneration. Pay can be discussed during the interview.

How To Apply

Send your particulars and resume to recruit@atamed.sg. You will be be notified if you are shortlisted.

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